Hello, Am Cynthia peters

A Programmer, freelancer, virtual assistant and computer tutor I'm also known for my engineering skills such as developing, designing and deploying websites and applications. If it helps to know, I built this website by myself (starting from a template) which further demonstrates my ability to rapidly learn new software, then implement it. If you wish to learn more about my engineering skills check out my GitHub Profile.

Things I Can Do

  • Create websites and applications
  • Create effects and 3d animations
  • Virtual Assistant
  • create the user interface (UI)
  • Data Compression
  • Software Tester


Combining the art of creation & designing coming to Life!

Front-End Developer

Optimizing the user experience Using HTML, JavaScript and CSS to bring concepts to life. Developing and maintaining the user interface.Implementing design on mobile websites

Web Administrator

Design, develop, maintain and troubleshoot websites. Most importantly, ensure a safe and efficient user experience. This may include implementing security protocols, modifying programs, creating backups, resolving software problems, updating content and more.

Virtual Assistant

Respond to emails and phone calls, schedule meetings, Book travel and accommodations, Manage a contact list, Prepare customer spreadsheets and keep online records, Organize managers' calendars, Perform market research, Create presentations, as assigned.

Contact Me

As a developer, the majority of my time is dedicated towards meeting client demands or adding value to my audience. When I am not doing the aforementioned, I am actively developing my skills to ensure I am up to date with current technology and skills - this way I am always able to go above and beyond for my clients and audience.

I will do my best to respond to your email within 3-5 working days.